When you call me Customer Service is key! You can reach me easily through Email or telephone. Once you contact me your first class service experience begins. I will first try to solve any of your problems free of charge remotely. If I am unable to remedy your situation we will work together and find a time for me to conveniently travel to your home to further work on your situation. I guaranty that your problem will be solved* by the time I leave or your service is free.

Services Provided

Computer Setup
Wireless Networking
Repairs and Upgrades
Data Backup
Additional Services
Basic Setup

Have a new computer? Don't know what plugs where. Don't fret Call us and we will set up your computer where you want it, Install all updates and any software you want.

* Software not included

Software installation and Removal

Just bought some computer software but don't know who to install it? Want to get rid of all that clutter of software that has been installed over the years? Then this is the package for you! It includes Installation and/or removal of any piece(s) of software.

* Software not included

Advanced Setup & Security

All the advantages of Basic Setup but with added installation of anti- spyware and anti-virus software and creation of recovery disc.

Wireless Network Setup & Security

Adding a second computer or wanting to move your computer to a new location? This service offers Wireless setup for your home network. It includes Internet, file and printer sharing from any computer to any computer.

* Hardware not included

Diagnostic With Repair

Computer acting wired? shutting down spontaneously or giving weird errors all the time. We will hunt down all your little computer problems and make it run like new again.

*Parts extra

System Tune-Up

Get your computer running like the day it came out of the box. Service includes disk defragmentation, spyware removal, as well as installation of critical updates for drivers and software (if available).

System Customization

Let us personalize your computer to your unique preferences. An Agent can set up multiple user accounts with personalized passwords. We'll optimize desktop and startup preferences, run critical updates and maximize your storage space.

Operating System Installation/Upgrade

Installation of the newest Windows or Mac operating system. Includes full system update and system customization

Virus Removal

Make sure your computer is safe from security threats or exposure. We'll scan your system for viruses and ensure that they are removed.

Spyware Removal

Spyware is a huge threat to privacy for yourself and others. We will scan your system for spyware and install anti-spyware software to keep it from coming back.

Computer Hardware Installation

We will install any external or internal piece of hardware along with software to get your newly acquired piece of hardware working. Examples include:

  • Hard drive
  • RAM
  • Video Card
  • Web Cam
  • Scanner
  • Printer

Data Backup

Make sure your valuable files are protected against damage, loss or accidental erasure. This Service will back up your data, photos, videos, music and games.

* Storage media included.

16 GB - $75.00
250GB - $175.00
500GB - $215.00
Data Transfer

Need to move files from an old PC to a new one? We'll help you do it seamlessly, making sure you don't lose a single file in the process and we'll show you how to access the data that has been moved. Includes transfer of up to 250GB of data.

Home Theater Setup

So finally got yourself a fancy new TV with speakers and the lot but cannot figure out what plugs where? We will come in and set up all your little do-dads and what-its so your system just works!


Receive 25% off your bill with a combination of two or more services!

Download the price list here Service Price List.pdf

*dependant on time constraints, parts and situation

Service Area

I offer in house support to individuals or small businesses located in Kamloops and the surounding areas of British Columbia Canada

If you require in house service please click here for more information.