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Here is a repository of commonly asked questions about technology from people just like you. If you have a question please feel free to send me an Email and I will be happy to asisst you.

I think I have a virus how do I get rid of it?

First thing first, although some people claim to be able to remove viruses the truth is you can never be sure they are completely gone. With today's viruses they are harder than ever to detect, yet alone remove. Modern viruses usually open doors for more viruses to get onto your computer. So ones you get ones virus more are likely to come. The best thing you can do when you have a virus is to:

  • get your computer off the internet
  • Backup and files you would like to keep
  • Re-install the operating system (eg. Windows XP)
Why Is My Email Landing in Friends' Spam Boxes?

Well it's time to face the facts you friend just says "Oh it must have gone to my Spam Box..." because they are trying to avoid you.

No, but seriously, some Email clients have an option to send all Email who's sender is not in the contact list t go straight to their Junk mail. Their Junk mail settings may also be set a little to high. You could get your friend to add your Email address to their safe list, this will ensure your Email no longer get through of as Spam.

Some things to remember when sending Emails, try not to attach pictures or use words with symbols placed between characters. Some programs will search Email for the aforementioned and class them as Spam and send the Email directly to the Junk mail.

Why Can't My XP PC See My Vista PC on the Network?

In order to have both computers seeing each other they have to be on the same workgroup. To check if they are click on the Start Menu (bottom left corner) then right click on My Computer and click on Properties.

In Windows XP a window will pop up and you should see about midway down the page the work Workgroup. The word to the right of this written in all capital letters is the workgroup name (it is WORKGROUP by default). If you need to change this click on the Network ID button and follow the set up wizard.

In Windows Vista after selecting Properties the window that appears is a little different; however, the information you are looking for is the same. To Change the Workgroup on the other hand, click on Change Settings and the rest of the steps are the same as with Windows XP.

If this does not solve the problem the next usual culprit is the Firewall. Try temporarily turning it off to see if you can then network the two computers can talk nice with each other.

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